quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

The Trip Starts Now!

"Russia 2980" it's the blog / production diary about the documentary project directed by me, in collaboration with Ekaterina Suchinova.
A small trip of about 2980 Km, showing the main differences between huge Metropolis and other small city's .
How does the city pulses, how do people live.
Main advantages and disadvantages.
Way of facing life and tradition.

Keep following us on this blog, with regular updates.
Text, pictures and more.

The trip starts now.

4 comentários:

  1. wow! Do they have internet in Russia?

  2. Хороший друг путешествие! Я буду следовать за вами где-то здесь
    Abraço Paulo

  3. Have a nice trip my friend, and keep on touch. I'm looking forward to see that movie.

    Enjoy life!.

  4. Espectacular, André! Não lhe fui muito útil, mas admiro muito o seu espírito aventureiro. Tenho a certeza que fará um excelente trabalho - um excelente "documentário", podemos dizer.

    Um Abraço