sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

Army at the Gorgy Park

After reading the novel by the writer Martin C. Smith, Gorky Park was one of those place that i wanted to visit.
The description on the book created in my mind an image, that was confirmed yesterday.
Dozens and dozens of ice skaters having fun, Tchaikovsky playing loud, people dancing and drinking hot wine, embraced in old trees and snow.
Pure magic!
The preparations for new year started. You can see it in every corner of the city, and the people in a rush to buy their last time gifts.
For one thing i was not prepared at all.
In the main entrance of Gorky Park, there was an army standing.
Dozens of soldiers.
Almost like the terracota soldiers, but build in snow!
The army of snow man is now ready for welcome the new year!

Oh, i almost forgot.
Russia is also known by vodka.
But..... Until now.... No vodka for me.
Tradition is not what it was anymore =)

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